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I am a consultant radiologist and an Associate Professor at one of the medical colleges in Mumbai. My 67 year old mother had been on anti-diabetic medications for 15 years. Despite strict control of blood sugar she used to suffer from few unexplained issues. Most troublesome of all were recurrent skin infections in the form of furuncles appearing in clusters over the trunk and lower extremities which required antibiotic therapy or incision & drainage. This continued to occur despite proper skin care and measures to eradicate nasal Staphylococci. She also used to get frequent upper respiratory infections.
Another symptom was hunger pangs which would sometimes make her so restless that she would grab whatever was available at hand.
Over a period of years she started developing neuropathic symptoms like tingling, numbness and shooting pains in the extremities, which is known to occur with long standing diabetes. Sometimes there used to experience sudden calf muscle cramps at night so severe as to wake her up from sleep.
Sleep and bowel habits were irregular and overall despite optimal glycemic control and medications to address various symptoms, her quality of life was far from satisfactory.
When we read about Dr.Lily Kiswani’s new form of treatment and her credentials in a magazine, my mother was hopeful and eager. In our first consultation, Dr.Lily explained that the fundamental problem in diabetes is hyperinsulinemia which develops due to insulin resistance at the cellular level over a period of time. It is possible to reverse insulin resistance and cure Type 2 diabetes. After doing the prescribed tests, we had an exhaustive five hour session where she explained the measures to be taken to address the various health issues. She advised that my mother stop all her medications and monitor the blood sugars. Two days after stopping the medications blood sugar shot up, during the second week it started decreasing and after one month it had come back to normal levels. We have been checking the sugars and HbA1c levels every month and they have been normal consistently. Insulin levels which were 8 times high before treatment is normalizing. The painful skin infections have not occurred in the past one year, there has even been relief from some of the nerve related symptoms. I later discovered that the painful muscle cramps were a side effect of one of the drugs she was taking earlier.
I am amazed by the simplicity and holistic approach of integrative medicine. Integrative medicine is not the same as naturopathy. It is entirely based on modern medical principles and can successfully cure a variety of problems other than diabetes. I sincerely wish that many more people will benefit by this advance in modern medicine.



This is what Plaha Inderpal Singh had to say about his health:

God Bless You
6 months back, my sugar levels were 270+ Also on BP medication for more than 30 years. On antacids, ever since I can remember And then – Dr LILY KISWANI came into my life ! Today at age 67, my sugar levels & BP are normal Finally – NO DRUGS, NO MEDICINES !


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I had a great experience with Dr Lily kiswani. I was very curious about how the integrated medicine would work. Had tried a lot of medication when my legs would constantly hurt after a particular viral fever. My treatment just went into spiral. Every medicine gave me some new complication. That’s when I decided to meet Dr Lily. Went in extremely skeptical. She is amazing. Not just a Dr, she is a great friend as well. After the first session itself I felt tons of baggage is off my shoulder. Progressively I forgot why did I go to her the first time. She has not only healed me, has taught me to listen to my body as well. So grateful. Hope she is able to help many more like me and bring their joy back. 😊

Indu Ramani.

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