Milk – All you Ever Wanted to Know

This video answers all the questions you had about milk but didn’t know who to ask:

The very first, basic one : Should one drink milk?

If yes, should it be fat free? Low fat? Or Horrors! Full fat?

Should one add anything to milk?

I hope you enjoy.

Do you drink milk? Do you add various ‘doodh ki shakti’ products? Leave your comments below.


2 thoughts on “Milk – All you Ever Wanted to Know

  1. yurireddi

    Dear doctor very very good video about milk.Many things have become myths over the years. which we tend to believe. my sugar level was slightly high and i was recomended to take pills.i never did just stopped drinking coke, eating junk food changed my diet. i feel ok today.i think india has some of the best doctors in the world in alternate medicine . they r hidden gems.


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